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Embody your Truth &
Highest Expression

All services include a digital recording and a booklet with meditations & information to assist you on your journey of spiritual expansion. All session are worldwide & online.
Working hours: from Monday to Friday between 10:00 - 18:00 WET (Portugheze time)

Please be sure to read the Terms and Requirements.

Origins Integration Session


Connect with your Highest Self to receive guidance, gain clarity and access your innate healing potential. During a session you get to release trauma, old patterns and beliefs, heal your emotional, mental and physical body, explore and integrate your soul's origins, your infinite & multidimensional essence, other lives and aspects of yourself, activate your DNA, release attachments and so much more. The transformations are powerful and the possibilities are endless and miraculous.
We work with up to 14 questions & subjects during a session.


Included in the price is a booklet that you may use however you need on your journey of spiritual expansion.

290 €
Installment payments are available for this service

Mini OIM Session


This is the quick version of the standard session for those who wish to get a taste of what an Origins Integration session feels like and for those who have less subjects to address.
The mini sessions offer the same powerful transformations, healing and activations as a standard session, but focus on maximum
 5 questions. 


These also include a booklet to help you prepare for your session and continue your journey of spiritual expansion thereafter.


180 €

Renewal Alchemy


This is a relaxed, no trance state approach. A light Alpha state is enough for you to navigate and unravel the matters you wish to explore related to your multilayered human experience. Release and transform deeply rooted trauma, heal multidimensionally, recalibrate yourself, achieve balance and harmony, receive clarity and embody your truth, highest expression and joy.

These sessions are specifically tailored to your needs. We connect with your body and intuition and together we uncover the solutions. My goal is to empower you to connect with your True Essence, to get a sense of what it feels like, so that you may be able to use this innate skill and ability whenever you need to do so.
We can work with 
up to 2 subjects per session.
This session is about 60 minutes long.



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