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About Aura

Helping people around the world to reclaim their sovereignty is my biggest joy. Born with an active extrasensory perception, since childhood I've been aware of our multidimensional aspect and practiced energy work in various ways throughout my life. My NDE from March 2008 provided an even deeper understanding of our essence and life itself. It amplified my passion for psychology, philosophy, Buddhism, hypnotherapy, Dolores Cannon's work and drove me to practice quantum healing and energy alchemy.


My Mission & Vision

I want you to recall your mission and know how limitless and powerful you are, that you have the innate ability to heal yourself and craft your own reality. We all need to unlock our infinite potential, so with the help of the guidebook that you receive and the recording of your session, I encourage you to implement these practices in you own way on your path of healing and integration throughout your life.

I also love to create all kinds of things that are meant to enhance and calibrate the frequency of the beings, places and times they reach, some of which you can find in my art store.

How Quantum Healing and Alchemy changed my life

I had several sessions of my own to help me understand this human experience. My lifelong questions were answered, my chronic health issues faded as I discovered their root cause and how to address them, I healed my physical and emotional body, activated my DNA and reconnected with truth and life purpose. Through my own process of healing I've created the procedures I refer to as "Origins Integration Method" and "Renewal Alchemy" which enabled me to navigate and integrate the multilayered, interdimensional aspects of myself and understand and neutralize significant events throughout my life. I cultivate my vibration daily to assist the healing and awakening of the planet and to nurture my own expansion. It is time for all of us to know ourselves, to embody our highest expression and live our truth, as each of our unique, authentic essence plays a crucial role.

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