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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can benefit from a session?

Anyone who is interested in consciousness exploration and wishes to reconnect with their inner wisdom (subconscious mind), body and soul. This work is greatly empowering and liberating. You can address a particular life challenge, physical, spiritual or emotional matters, learn about yourself, your relationships, your life path, soul family, star origins or past, parallel and other lives. Begin your healing & integration journey, release attachments and all that no longer serves.

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Can I have an unpleasant experiences?

The session is completely directed by you. You will not be given any information that you are not ready to receive. All information is given to you in the most compassionate way, with infinite love and care. You higher self wants you to have a pleasant experience and remember how powerful you are.


What is hypnosis and do you hypnotize me?

Hypnosis is simply a relaxed body and a focused mind.

You are in a state of hypnosis several times throughout your day. When you daydream, listen to music, watch TV, read, drive, etc. Nothing happens against your will. You are fully conscious, present, aware and in complete control of what is going on. I guide and assist you, but only you can do what is needed to enter a relaxed state by letting go. Please watch the Quantum Healing and Alchemy Session - What to Expect video for more information. Trust yourself, trust the process and know that All healing is self-healing and All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

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The difference between these modalities & psychotherapy?

With psychotherapy, someone outside of yourself defines and perceives your state through their filter and approaches it according to textbooks. With Quantum Healing & Alchemy you are your own healer and reviewer. Nobody knows you better than you do. Your own body, heart, soul and subconscious mind tell you how they need you to resolve your matters and reach your goals. The information, change and advice come from within yourself. You are the guide-book, you are the canvas, you are the creator.

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How long does it take for changes or healing to take place?

For some the activations take place instantly. The benefits and shifts can appear immediately, or they can manifest in a near or far future. Sometimes it is required to take action, to make changes in your life, following the advice received from your Higher Self.


Are YOU healing me?

Change is your own responsibility. All healing is self-healing. I am helping you to get answers to solve your problem(s). Your body & soul may ask you to make changes to your life in order to complete or solidify any healing initiated in your session. The information and advice for change comes from your own inner wisdom and Higher Being.

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Is this Hypnosis or not?

We use some elements of hypnosis like guiding you into a relaxed state to access your inner wisdom and healing potential, BUT we don't give advise or instill suggestions. Your subconscious mind, body and soul tell you what they need from you and we make sure to initiate and integrate those specific needs and processes of transformation. Only you know what you truly need. These modalities help you in infinite numbers of ways, based on your individual needs and your unique Soul Blue Print.

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Do I need to visualize to have a session?

Someone born blind can have a session. The information comes in many ways, visualization is not required. It comes as a knowing, as silence, as ideas, sensations in the body, stories, etc. Just trust, let go, let your fantasy run free and all unfolds from there.

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What is the difference between OIM and QHHT

QHHT demands a strict following of their induction script and session structure which can stretch up to 7 hours, sessions can not take place online, spirit and entity attachments are usually not addressed and if a client can not be induced, a surrogate is used to access the higher self of the client.
My training in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Beyond Quantum Healing, Quantum Alchemy Energy Healing and having practiced energy work as a psychic medium since birth, allows me to combine all these skills to make sure that this practice is tailored to the needs of each individual and works for all clients.

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Learn How To Practice Beyond Quantum Healing

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Beyond Quantum Healing Described by Candace Craw-Goldman and Dolores Cannon

Candace Craw-Goldman states that the inspiration for Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) comes from the introduction of Dolores Cannon’s book, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth.
“…I began teaching (my method) in 2002 and it has now spread all over the world, and to my satisfaction my students are reporting the same miracles that I have experienced. Some of them are even attempting ways of using the technique that I would never have thought of. What better gratification could a teacher have than to have her students take what they have been taught and not be afraid to go beyond and explore unknown pathways. My method is not like those other outdated hypnosis methods that teach that you must do exactly as they say. That you cannot deviate even one word from the script. In my teaching I want the student to understand what is being done so they can think for themselves. As long as the client is not being harmed they are free to experiment. I have found the method to be extremely flexible. It is a living and evolving thing. Many times, after all these years, I still come home and tell (my daughter)… “Guess what I learned I can do today!” ;“They” have told me many times that there are no limitations, unless you create them yourselves. Anything is possible. You are only limited by your own imagination.”
BQH is an open, naturally evolving and highly personal method that encourages practitioners to use all of their skills to help clients. It has no owner or leader. There is no strict script. There are no rigid rules.

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