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Find Relief, Clarity and Renew yourself to Live your Joy & Purpose

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Heal and Free yourself by connecting with your Highest Self. Find relief, release attachments & old habits, gain clarity, experience your Soul's Origins and other lives, reclaim your power, expand through Personal Truth, activate you DNA and embody your Highest Expression.

(Check your Junk & Spam folder for the email with the zoom link & Guide Book. If you can't find it, please contact me.)

Gradient Fluid

Multidimensional healing, liberation, transformation & True Self Embodiment.
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4 hours
180 €

to book and confirm your appointment

(optional donation after the session)

Service Value: 360 €
Guide Book & Recording included

Transparent Wave

For return visits or a shorter, powerful Origins Integration experience.

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2 hours
99 €

to book and confirm your appointment

(optional donation after the session)

Service Value: 222 €
Guide Book & Recording included


A non-trance approach to solve matters related to your current multilayered life.
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60-90 minutes
66 €

to book and confirm your appointment

(optional donation after the session)

Service Value: 144 €
Guide Book & Recording included

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Meet Aura 

Helping people around the world to reclaim their power and reconnect with their True Essence is my biggest joy. Born with an active extrasensory perception, as a child I was aware of our multidimensional aspect, travelling beyond the veil...


I'm beyond words! The BQH session I received from Aura was the most beautiful and profound experience I feel I've ever had. As a lightworker myself I've had beautiful divine experiences but nothing as aligning for the soul as this BQH session from Aura. The feelings running through my physical body are very interesting, still days after the session, it feels like I'm re-aligning my entire energy-structure on Quantum level, really subtle and profound. Higher self is coming through with more easy and grace. I can't find the exact words but also can continue to describe it for pages and pages ;)
So much love I experienced and continue to feel, this session was exactly what my soul needed.

Marieke Leliveld

I am an Oracle and I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with Aura Moldovan and will continue to do so. Aura is a true alchemist and an extremely magical being who has embraced the higher realms expressing grace, fortitude and elegance. I am very blessed to have a college and a teacher who can expand my consciousness all the while holding that sacred, safe space that is of the utmost importance in these deep extraordinary sessions. I also practice shamanistic work and my review is that Aura is a crystal clear consciousness that can guide you and expand you in this amazing gratifying work. I trust her, if you work with her, I am confident you will feel the same.


I went into this amazing experience with an open mind and heart. I wasn't sure what to expect but I trusted myself and Aura and jumped in. She was a wonderful guide through my BQH journey. She is a kind, compassionate, and empathetic soul. This was life changing for me. I have answers now that have made me feel better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I highly recommend everyone to try this out, it's the most healing thing I've done for myself in a long time.


No words can describe the beautiful feeling that I experienced; from the moment I connected with Aura, to the after session, and of course during the session. Completely supported, enveloped by love and a feeling of empowerment that keep on growing as hours elapse. Its such a blessing and honor to have had this experience along your side Aura, thank you beautiful soul.
If you are doubting you need to have this session, the answer is yes, you need gift your soul and your physical body this experience, at least once in this time life. 


For more reviews please visit my Quantum Healers profile. 


“Every one of us is a walking, breathing Multiverse. New Earth is within each choice we make and each breath we take. We are the New Earth. We are Allconsciousness..”

Aura & The Caretakers

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