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Remember who you truly are to Live your Joy & Life Purpose

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B-Day Sale: 22.2% OFF O.I. Sessions

Heal and Free and reinvent yourself by reconnecting with your Body, Soul and true Life Purpose. Find relief, gain clarity, release attachments, transcend limitations, integrate your Soul's Origins, other lives and multidimensional aspect, reclaim your power, address your core needs and embody your Highest Self.

• A Guide book & recording of your session are included in all services

Download your Guide book at check-out. If you can't find the email with the Zoom link, please contact me.

Transparent Wave

Heal, Free, Transform yourself and embody your Highest Expression
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3-4 hours
210 €

( Usual price 270 € )

15 Questions

Gradient Fluid

Mini O.I. Session
Beyond Quantum Healing

For return visits or a shorter, but equally powerful experience
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2 hours
140 €

( Usual price 180 € )

5 Questions


A non-trance approach to solve matters related to you current multilayered life.
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60-90 min
88 €


2 Questions

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Meet Aura 

Helping people around the world to reclaim their sovereignty is my biggest joy. Born with an active extrasensory perception, since childhood I've been aware of our multidimensional aspect and practiced energy work in various ways throughout my life...


Lorena, Netherlands - May 2024

“In my opinion, Aura is a superior soul who came here to help us. Her soul aspects and her light that I saw in the session, convinced me about this. I saw some reviews and noticed that we all became super excited, ecstatic after the sessions with her. Her presence and intervention in the form of a session are effectively healing. I received the recording of the session, I listened to it again and the healing energy was reactivated, just like in the session. I am so grateful for the help I received! I still live in a state of magic and miracle. Divine soul, Aura, thank you from my heart!!!"

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“Every one of us is a walking, breathing Multiverse. New Earth is within each choice we make and each breath we take. We are the New Earth. We are Allconsciousness.”

Aura & The Caretakers

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