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Renewal Alchemy

A non-trance approach to solve matters related to your current multilayered life.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 88 euros
  • Online Session Only

Service Description

Alchemy is transforming the lowest form of something, into its highest aspect and expression; it is the purification process of the mind, body and heart. By alchemizing the denser frequencies, such as our pain, we release trauma and unfavorable habits, integrate our infinite aspect and heal our body and our inner and outer environment. Alchemy is the art of transcendence. This modality does not require a trance state. We access the subconscious mind by using a light relaxation and spontaneity, quick answers uninfluenced by your conscious mind. Explore your current human experience and address any imbalance that you are facing in your daily life. Access deeper information to release trauma, heal and recalibrate your physical, mental, emotional and energetic body, achieve balance and harmony, receive clarity and embody your truth, highest expression and joy. I encourage you to use this innate skill and apply it whenever you need to. We connect remotely, through Zoom, from anywhere in the world. You receive a guide book to prepare you for your session and assist you on your journey of healing and integration. Your session will be recorded and optimized to ensure a good audio quality. All you need is to create a list of questions that you want your soul to answer, have a strong internet connection, headphones with a microphone attached and a computer. I can't wait to meet you! A session is 60 - 90 minutes long, for 2 questions and consists of the following parts: Pre-Talk (~15 min) - we discuss your questions Alchemical work (~40 min) - your higher self and subconscious mind answer your questions Short debriefing - we review your experience.

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