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For return visits or a shorter, but equally powerful Origins Integration experience.

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Service Value: 222 €

Mini OIM Session

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  • The quick version of the standard session, suited for returning clients or for those who wish to get a taste of what an Origins Integration session feels like, receiving the same powerful transformations, relief and activations.
    find relief and reconnect with your highest expression to receive information on what it is you need to do to live your highest joy and purpose, access your healing potential, reclaim your power and step into you infinite potential in this life.

    Prepare for your session

    The following video and the guide book that you will receive describe this process of reconnecting with yourself. We connect remotely, through Zoom, from anywhere in the world. Your session will be recorded and optimized to ensure a good audio quality. All you need is to create a list of questions that you want your soul to answer, have a strong internet connection, headphones with a microphone attached and a computer. I can't wait to meet you!

    What to Expect from a Session Video

    Mini OIM Session Structure
    A Mini OIM session is 2 hours long, for 5 questions and consists of:

    • A pre-talk (~20 min)
    • Consciousness Exploration (~90 min)
    • Debriefing (~10 min)
  • All bookings are finalized by a non-refundable fee of 111€.

    You can easily reschedule your session by email up to 24 hours before the original appointment.

    Please read the terms here.

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