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Videos & Sessions

BQH Quests - The Traveller's Guide to The Event

This is a Beyond Quantum Healing session from early 2021, in which the client explores other lifetimes, receives information about "The Event" and we experience audio interferences as we discuss her galactic chip implants.

Beyond quantum healing (BQH) and Hypnosis live chat & information

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OIM Quests - Conversation at the Beginning of Times

This is an Origins Integration session from December 2021 which was entirely directed by the client's higher self and the questions were coming to me as I was perceiving what my client was experiencing.

OIM Quests - 9th Dimensional Being

This is a session from March 2020 with a client that reminded me that anything is possible, as long as we trust, allow and surrender. Even though there were no questions, no previous knowledge about this work or anything similar for that matter and no preparation, the Higher Self had stories to tell and information to share.

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