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About me

Born in Romania, Sibiu as an empath with an active extrasensory perception, as a child I was aware of our multidimensional aspect, playing with energy and travelling beyond the veil. Energy work is something that I have been practicing in various ways throughout my entire life. In my 20's I came across Buddhism, hypnotherapy and Dolores Cannon which drove me to later create my own way of practicing quantum healing and energy alchemy.


My Mission, Vision & Work

My wish is to assist everyone to remember who they truly are and regain the power from within themselves. I always wanted people to know how limitless and infinitely powerful they are, with no exceptions, that everyone has the power to heal themselves and craft their reality. 
This wonderful work allows me to use my innate abilities to assist others in unlocking their infinite potential and experience extraordinary transformations by integrating their unique essence to live their lives to their highest potential, as a magnificent creator.

How Quantum Healing changed my life

I had several Quantum Healing sessions of my own to help me navigate this human experience and they have completely changed my life. My lifelong questions had been answered and as I followed the instructions from my sessions, miracles began to unfold. I went from having chronic health issues and anxiety to rediscovering myself, healing my physical and emotional body and activating my DNA. The sessions have been liberating. They amplified my skills and opened clear paths for me. I work daily with raising my own vibration to assist the healing and awakening of the planet and to nurture my own expansion and evolution. It is highly important for all of us to know ourselves, to embody our highest expression and live our truth, as we all play a unique and significant role at this time.

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